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Hello, I’m really really really sorry if i’m not active anymore! I’m suppppppppper duppppppper busy with my life right now. It’s complicated. And yes, i’m a SENDONG SURVIVOR. Thank God, I’m still here right nao ;) Me and my family lost everything including 2 cars. I’m still adjusting, and I really find it hard to adjust :O We’re still looking for a new house. But right now, we’re still staying in our old house. Everyone in my family is safe no one died or got hurt. I’m thankful that we had a third floor or else me and my family would die. YES, i admit that after SENDONG I became weird. Because of SENDONG, i changed. I don’t want to go to school anymore and I eat a lot now. >< 

An ocean of thanks to God, who was always there when we need him, CFC (Couples for Christ) for the donation and for helping us clean our house, to the generous policemen who also helped us clean our house. Thanks to PNB (Philippine National Bank) for the donation and for promoting my mom as an area head manager! Thank you! Thanks also to my dad who bought me a new laptop as a birthday gift, even though we’re in a middle of crisis, you still bought me a new one! Thank you to Kate Claudette Rayoso, for comforting me! 

PS: Trust me, the view from your rooftop is PRICELESS! And I’m sorry if my grammar is wrong, im in a hurry!   :-)

kimme94 said:
i love your blog!! ♥

ohmigosh, thank you so much!

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